Course Syllabi

Listed below are sample syllabi from courses that are being or have been taught in the School.  Actual syllabi will differ by course and instructor.  Visit for current course offerings. 


TDPS201 - Introduction to Technical Theatre

TDPS479 - Production Practicum


DANC109 - Improvisation I

DANC128 - Fundamentals of Ballet

DANC200 - Introduction to Dance

DANC207 - The Creative Process

DANC209 - Dance Composition

DANC218 - Foundations of Technique I

DANC219 - Foundations of Technique II

DANC304 - Teaching Dance

DANC318 - Foundations of Technique III (Mayes)

DANC318 - Foundations of Technique III (Widrig)

DANC319 - Foundations of Technique IV (Widrig)

DANC371 - Somatics

DANC448 - Modern Dance V

DANC449 - Modern Dance IV

DANC488 - Project-Based Learning

DANC489C - Contact Improvisation

DANC604 - Dance Pedogogy

DANC608 - Choreography I

DANC719 - Choreographic Project


THET110 - Introduction to Theatre

THET116 - Fundamentals of Theatrical Design

THET222 - Foundations of Acting & Performance

THET223 - Text and Context in Western Theatre

THET274 - Introduction to Stage Management

THET293 - Black Theatre and Performance I

THET310 - Voice for the Actor I (Smith)

THET310 - Voice for the Actor I (Smiley)

THET371 - Scenic Design I

THET372 - Stage Property Design

THET408G - The Color of Sex: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Performance

THET408L - The Social Life of Spoken Words

THET411 - Voice for the Actor II

THET425 - Actors Process II

THET465 - History of Fashion for the Theatre

THET488A - Theare Architecture from the Minoans to the Barouque

THET489G - Globalization and Theatre

THET499B - Figure Drawing

THET499E - The Business of the Business

THET608E - Embodiment

THET608P - The Social Life of Spoken Words

THET669A - History of Fashion for the Theatre

THET711 - Critical Theory: Methods and Concepts