TDPS 4th Festival of New One-Act Plays for the American Theatre

Event Attributes

Sarah Nowak - Pretend It's Black and White
Brittany Truske - The Linkage
Graham Brown - Apple Falling
Mike Hobgood - Demonic Exports Ltd.
Chris Robeck - Floa
Luke Wlenecke - After Rapture
Naomi Cohen - Where the Featherless Go
Stella Donovan - Superbowl Pussy
Maria Ortiz - Sin and Honor
Bobby Hunter - Celebration of Life
Brendan O'Connell - Good Grief
Anthony Douglas - Why the Mug Broke

Twelve up-­‐and-­‐coming playwrights have been work-­‐shopping their new short plays, and they want to share their work with you! Come attend the Playwriting Festival in Rever Rehearsal Room from 5:30pm-­‐8:00pm on December 6th and 7th. See you there!