Fall Thesis Concert - Way In

Event Attributes


Jessie Laurita-Spanglet

Costume Designer: Robert Croghan    Lighting Designer: Brittany Shemuga    Sound Designer: Eric    Dramaturg: Drew Barker   Stage Manager: Tarythe Albright

Where and from whom do our daily habits derive? How do we get stuck in patterns that we  can’t see? Why are habitual patterns often cyclical? In Way In, Jessie Laurita-Spanglet will explore the nature of our physical habits, and how those habits relate to our emotional patterns.

The episodic piece will seek to expand on the traditional relationship between the performer and the audience member, engaging both in a shared sensory experience. Dancers and audience alike will move through several different surroundings during the course of the evening — a creative approach to site-specific choreography in keeping with site-specific curriculum that is part of the MFA in Dance program. Choreographer Laurita-Spanglet wants to “create an immersive theatrical experience allowing the audience to occupy the space with the

performers and involve themselves in the show in a way that a typical audience cannot. … By pushing the boundaries of a traditional performance venue, and engaging with the audience in a non-traditional way, my show explore[s] unusual vantage points, perspective and depth of audience engagement.”