Good Kids


Event Attributes


By Naomi Iizuka

Seret Scott, director

Costume Designer - Marci Rodgers; Scenic Designer - Katie Sullivan; Lighting Designer - Alberto Segerra; Sound Designer - Neil McFadden

The School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies has partnered with the Big Ten universities to create a new playwright and performance initiative. Known as the Big Ten Theatre Consortium, the group will commission, produce and publicize new plays in an effort to influence the national dialogue about women playwrights and aim to produce high-caliber plays that are effective tools for teaching theatre students.

The program’s first commissioned work, Good Kids, is written by Naomi Iizuka, one of the nation’s most acclaimed young authors and head of playwriting at the University of California, San Diego.

Good Kids explores a casual sexual encounter gone wrong, and its very public aftermath. Who is telling the truth? Whose version of the story do you believe? What does that say about you? This play responds to actual events that went on to generate a national dialogue.

The School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies opens Good Kids on February 27th.  In preparation, there will be a series of educational opportunities that will enlighten and create support for individuals as they go through the artistic process of researching the themes of the show, performing, designing, teching or being audience members.  On Tuesday October 21 we will show the short award winning documentary Rape is… in the Leah Smith Lecture Hall (rm 2200 across from entrance to School of Music).  We will be joined by the University's Title IX Coordinator, Catherine Carroll –  a brilliant lawyer and woman who is raising the collective consciousness of sexual assault on campus.  We will also be joined by staff from CARE to Stop Violence on campus.  


The Washington Post's education reporter, Susan Svrluga, wrote this piece about Good Kids and used tweets from Tweet Seats for the story:

Good Kids was also reviewed on The Writer's Bloc

"The performance presents yet another imperative dialogue, allowing for diverse open forum and a chance to confront the ignorance surrounding the issue, making it possible for those affected to speak up."


Good Kids