Amirah Sackett Workshop


Event Attributes

Amirah Sackett of We're Muslim Don't Panic is coming to the University of Maryland!

We're Muslim Don't Panic is a group of performing artists that are breaking stereotypes by "putting a hijab on hip hop." Their aim is to educate the public and create dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims through hip hop dance and performance (learn more).

Amirah will be here on campus on Thursday, March 2, and she will make a special visit to the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies at 2-3:15pm in the Dance Theatre. Join her for a dance workshop and conversation about cultural identity and social justice.
All TDPS students and faculty are welcome to attend this free event.

Amirah will also teach a dance workshop in the Grand Ballroom at Stamp from 4-5pm (register here). She will also give a performance and Q&A at 7pm in the Grand Ballroom (event info). These events are free and open to the public.

Thanks to the UMD Stamp's Student Entertainment Events for making these events possible!