Informal Showing of Work-in-Progress by Dance Exchange

Matthew Cumbie; photo credit: Nikki Carrar

Event Attributes

Assistant Director of Dance Exchange, Matthew Cumbie

From Burning to Telling: Dancing as Eventing

Fire is the result of the rapid, chemical process of oxidation and combustion. Telling a story involves the process of conjuring memories and speaking. In this work-in-progress showing, we seek to find analogous processes of dancemaking: where the performance is the live result of well-crafted, movement-based practices framed by choreographic structures. Sarah Gamblin, Joy Davis, Matthew Cumbie and Sam Horning, who have never worked all together before, will share the results of a week-long residency at the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies as they dance through these questions.



Free, no tickets required.


Matthew Cumbie; photo credit: Nikki Carrar


Sarah Gamblin; photo credit: Lynn Lane