Event Attributes


By Sophocles

Translated by Brendan Kennelly

Directed by Lisa Nathans

Antigone, a young woman, speaks truth to power, firmly convinced that she is right in following her moral imperative. Her King, Creon,is firmly convinced of the opposite – his law should be obeyed. This elemental ancient play about primordial human themes – honor, loyalty, love, betrayal and conviction – resonates as sharply and as damningly today as it did when it was written 2,500 years ago. This production will focus on the paradox of who is right versus who is wrong...Antigone or Creon? With the help of a modern Greek chorus, audiences will come to their own conclusions.

There will be a post-performance talkback after the 2PM show on Sunday, October 8. The panel will consist of director Lisa Nathans, set designer Matthew Buttrey, and UMD Classics professor Dr. Francisco Barrenechea. Dr. Barrenechea is currently working on a book about the reception of Greek tragedy in Mexico, which includes various versions of Antigone.

Note: Tickets to the evening performance on Saturday, October 7 include admission to a pre-show lecture by James Hollis, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Jung Society of Washington. His lecture is entitled, "Antigone's Dilemma: An Introduction to the Universality of Choice and Consequence." For more information, visit here.