Written and Directed by Paige Hernandez

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Written and directed by Paige Hernandez

What are the elements that make any of us a whole person? Fulfillment and meaning come from an entire network of social connections and actions, so what happens when one of those connections is severed? Do you replace it? Can you? In this radiant multidisciplinary devised piece, spoken word, hip-hop, jazz, short plays and more fuse together in a search for answers to these central questions of identity.

Written and directed by UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies alumna Paige Hernandez ’02.


Note: There will be a post show discussion for Clove at the Sunday, May 29th 2:00 pm performance, featuring Patrick Crowley (dramaturg/AD) and Paige Hernandez (director/writer).



The subject matter of CLOVE contains mature issues and language, including topics of sexual orientation, gender identity and suicide. While acts of self-harm are not overt or staged in our show, we feel it is our responsibility to provide this warning. It is our sincere hope that our production provides thoughtful, positive and enlightening perspectives on such nuanced themes.