TDPS Wednesdays: Our International Program for Creative Collaboration & Research

What it is and what it can do for our future

Event Attributes

Presenter: Franklin J. Hildy

The inaugural presentation of our new TDPS Wednesdays series is "Our International Program for Creative Collaboration & Research: What it is and what it can do for our future," presented by Professor Franklin J. Hildy.

Dr. Hildy will discuss this ten-year program funded by a generous gift from the Smith Family Foundation. Come learn about how the IPCCR will affect you and how you can help set the direction for its future. You will also learn about the process to apply for International Collaborative Initiatives funding from the IPCCR and how you can get involved in our first international collaboration, "The Triumph of Isabella Exhibition" being done with the famed Victoria and Albert Museum in London. This interdisciplinary digital humanities project will incorporate work from all the units of TDPS and you are going to want this work on your resumes. 

Wednesday, September 13, Cafritz Foundation Theatre. Please note: This presentation will run from 3-4PM.

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