TDPS Wednesdays: Self Producing Master Class

Photo by Stan Barouh

Event Attributes

This seminar, taught by Jonathan Martin, will addresses what every artist needs to know about getting your work seen by an audience.  He will cover articulating what the project is and why it is important, how to create a budget and a production timeline, how to get an audience to show up, and how to get the help you need--whether it’s volunteers or funders--to accomplish your goals.  

Producing your own work onstage, screen, and online is booming as a result of artists’ ability to connect directly with audiences using the internet and social media.  It has become an effective way to create your own specific identity as an artist and to be noticed by casting directors and producers in the industry. This seminar will give you the resources and tools to take a work from inception (or from the classroom) to Off-Broadway and beyond.