Event Attributes

By Claudia Rankine, Adapted by Stephen Sachs, Directed by Shirley Jo Finney 



Everyday racism can come on slyly—a  hasty glance or too-casual comment. Sometimes from a friend. Or a coworker. Other pointed or veiled aggressions play out in the classroom, on the street, on the national stage, in the media, at home—all the time. The cost of micro and macro aggression thrown against a white wall of racism is played out individually as Black Americans, and cannot be ignored.

Adapted from Claudia Rankine’s acclaimed book of poetry, this searingly provocative meditation on race in America is not a play. It’s fast-moving, fluid theater at the speed of thought.

“Moving, stunning, and formally innovative-in short, a masterwork.” ―Salon

Tickets: http://theclarice.umd.edu/events/2018/citizen