TDPS Wednesdays: James Harding and Leslie Felbain

Event Attributes

3:10pm --- IPCCR report by James Harding, "Staging Sedition: Towards a Theory of Guerrilla Equivocation" (Germany and Serbia); in the TDPS Conference Room 2804

3:35pm --- IPCCR report by Leslie Felbain, "In the Attic, Taking a Moment to Remember" (Brazil); in the TDPS Conference Room 2804

Associate professor Leslie Felbain traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this summer to engage in performance and workshop residencies in Rio at the Centro Cultural dos Correios de Rio de Janeiro and at Espaço dos Correios em Niteroi. Leslie traveled to Brazil with TDPS undergraduate Daniela Gomes, and members of her company, Infinite Stage; Daniel Pinha and Colleen Harris. In the Attic is a performance installation that is an invitation for a conversation following the performance portion of the project. During this TDPS presentation, Leslie will share images from the tour, and invite the audience to experience the thematic content of the piece and the community engagement.