TDPS Wednesdays: Yuval David

Event Attributes

3:00pm --- Yuval David (BA Theatre '01); in the Cafritz

Are you interested in acting, hosting, content creation, broadcast journalism, social action or how to use art for social change? Join actor, host, and social journalist Yuval David (BA Theatre '01) for a session about his journey from UMD to NYC and how to create a career that combines these areas.

Yuval David is an actor, host, and social journalist with noteworthy performances and appearances in television, film, theatre, web and live events.  His career path has has propelled Yuval, as he explores his characters and the narratives he shares. Yuval focuses on the artistry of sharing a narrative, embracing the truest sense of being creative and productive. Nourishing his own uniqueness, he makes being a character actor and a leading actor one in the same. As a content creator, Yuval regularly produces content with his focus on “art for social change,” all while following his goal to entertain, uplift, and inspire.

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