"Triumph of Isabella" An Exploration of Performance through Art and Art through Performance

"Festive Culture" Victoria & Albert Museum, London

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The International Program for Creative Collaboration and Research (IPCCR) is the 10-year global outreach component of "Defining the Future of the Performing Arts in the 21st Century"  – an investigation of best practices in performing arts education funded by a $10 million dollar grant from a private foundation. The IPCCR initiates international collaborations for the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, awards collaborative initiative grants to its faculty and graduate students, develops grant proposals to support the school’s work and manages its Global Classrooms and Studios.

"The Triumph of Isabella", a year-long exploration undertaken with several of the world’s premier museums and units across campus, is the IPCCR's inaugural event.


“The Triumph of Isabella” Exhibition: An Exploration of Performance Through Art


The Exhibition will showcase five digital prints of works of art from 1616 illustrating the 1615 Ommegang pageant in Brussels. These were primary sources for the study of festive culture and the history of street performance in early modern Europe. The Exhibition will include videos, interactive digital humanities projects, costumes, masks, 3D printed models, a book display, and explanatory plaques.

June 6, 2018 to May 31, 2019 Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library



“The Triumph of Isabella” Experience: An Exploration of Art Through Performance


In this Immersive Experience, 17th century works come to life through art, performance, dance, digital animations, projections, musical scores and soundnscape that could be experienced in a 1615 pageant. For two days “The Triumph of Isabella” becomes an engaging experience, thanks to collaborations across campus and internationally. Scaled digital projections of the artworks with digital animation and fly-throughs, make art come alive. 

September 20 (Thursday) & 23 (Sunday) 2018 - Grand Pavilion & Dance Theatre Stage


“The Triumph of Isabella” International Symposium: The Iconography of Performance in the Digital Age


The Global Classrooms will provide financial support for faculty to develop innovative, project-based courses that bring together UMD students and students from partner universities around the world using various digital technologies. These exciting new courses aim to provide our students with international experiences that mirror the kind of work they will encounter throughout their lives: cross cultural, project-based and virtual. Construction on these new classrooms are underway and will be ready Fall 2018!


Fall 2018 - World Outreach Seminar Room (1815)



For more information about the IPCCR visit their website. COMING SOON!