Second Season: "I Have an Idea for a Play" and "Doubled Bodies"

Event Attributes

I Have an Idea for a Play

Written by Jordan Resnick

Directed by Katie Arnold

In this Brechtian play about the ticking clock that is life, characters experience existential dread as they become aware of their own status as fictional. Distanced from the imaginary world of the play, the characters navigate themes of female empowerment, sexuality and student loans.


Doubled Bodies

Choreographed by Kristina Harris and Gabriel Mata

Doubled Bodies exposes narratives that are muted by heteronormative gender constructs. Harris and Mata upend expectations about female/male partnering, power dynamics and gendered aesthetics, drawing on in-depth research and their own individual and cultural identities.


Free, tickets required. Tickets are available on The Clarice website or at the box office one week before opening night.