The Triumph of Isabella Experience - on Tour in England and America

Event Attributes

TDPS will hold an informal presentation of "The Triumph of Isabella Experience - on Tour in England and America" on Wednesday, October 30 at 4PM in the Dance Theatre.

The TDPS International Program for Creative Collaboration & Research (IPCCR) completed its inaugural year with the “The Triumph of Isabella” project. This international collaboration with art museums across Europe included a year-long exhibit at the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library and three immersive performances seen by 700 people from the University of Maryland campus and its surrounding communities at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center last September. The performances featured live actors, dancers, musicians, and a multimedia “art-comes-alive” digital experience.

Over the past year, our TDPS graduate student production team has made enhancements to the project's animations and soundscapes. They presented at national and international showings, including at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London, Oxford University’s Bodleian Libraries, and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) conference in Orlando, FL. Our graduate students will present the new animation, discuss the development of the project, and share their experiences on tour.

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