Heidi McFall


Heidi McFall is an artist, scholar, and teacher, specializing in contemporary dance, improvisation (including contact improvisation), collaborative performance, interdisciplinary performance, and dance film. She has received professional training in both dance and music, and often explores the intersections between these forms in her performances. Heidi has performed with numerous artists and collectives including Lower Left, The No Collective, the Lawrence University Saxophone Ensemble, and Artship Initiatives. She is proficient in the histories and theories of dance, music, and the visual arts and has presented papers on dance film and music video, affect theory, and art and spirituality. Heidi seeks to cultivate artists that are creatively courageous, relevant, and articulate. She has held positions teaching both studio and lecture-style classes and has taught independently for over ten years. For Heidi, art is a form of listening, and is at its best when it focuses the eyes to better see the world around us—creating space for thoughtful reflection and spiritual renewal. Heidi holds a B.M. in Flute Performance from the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, an M.A. in Performance Studies from New York University, and is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Dance at the University of Maryland-College Park. Soli Deo Gloria.