Jeff Kaplan

Jeff Kaplan is a third-year doctoral student in Theatre and Performance Studies.  Jeff holds an MFA in Dance from Texas Woman’s University and a BA in History from Grinnell College.  Over a 15-year career as a performer, choreographer, and dancer Jeff engaged in a wide variety of performance practices.  His scholarly/performance interests evolved into the research, creation, and presentation of solo “text and movement” works based on history, language, and problems in the humanities, often working in foreign and ancient languages.  Jeff recited 500 lines of the Beowulf epic in Anglo-Saxon while dancing for Beowulf is min Nama…, donned a strait-jacket to perform Act III of Shakespeare’s King Lear as a danced/spoken solo, and painted himself green for The Erl King, a World War I movement-based adaptation of Goethe’s poem Der Erlkönig.  Jeff also dances while presenting academic papers at conferences, using movement as a tool for critical analysis and commentary.  His scholarly praxis includes solo performance, embodiment, translation theory, and dramaturgy.  He also enjoys learning languages and baking bread.