Kelley Holley

Teaching Assistant
1801 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Kelley is a doctoral candidate. Her research interests include site-specific theatre, presence, and performance of urban space. Before returning to academia, Kelley worked as a professional dramaturg with theatres such as Company One Theatre, Boston, and Playwright's Project, San Diego. She worked as the Resident Dramaturg for the first theatre company devoted to science fiction in North America.


  • M.A., Theatre Arts, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
  • B.A., Theatre Studies, Emerson College, Boston, MA

Representative Conference Presentations

“Dramaturgies of Food: Staging Alternative Places and Times in Site-Specific Performance” American Society for Theatre Research. Arlington, VA. 9 November 2019. Working Group: A Matter of Public Taste(s): Food, Performance, and Commensality.

"Unmooring Site: Presence, Performance, and Mess” Performance Studies International. Calgary, CA. 4 July 2019. Conference Presentation.

“Transportable Site-Specificity and Malleable Domesticity in Do Ho Suh’s Almost Home” American Society for Theatre Research. San Diego, CA. 15 November 2018. Working Group: Moving San Diego: Sites, Senses, and Bodies.

“Blurring the Boundaries: Itinerant Site-Specific Theatre as Community Representation in Baltimore” American Society for Theatre Research. Atlanta, GA. 17 November 2017. Working Group: Transient Performance.

“Street View: Mapping Communal Identity and/in Itinerant Site-Specific Performance” American Society for Theatre Research. Minneapolis, MN. 6 November 2016. Working Group: Site-Based Theatre as a Trans-Contextual Experience.

“Performing a Nation: Iceland’s Use of Transnationalism to Assert Public Identity” American Society for Theatre Research. Portland, OR. 5 November 2015. Working Group: Transnationalisms and Performance.

“Stories of Those Longing to Belong: Mythologization and Self-Authorship in Welsh Theatre” Association for Theatre in Higher Education. Montreal, QC. 1 August 2015. Theatre History Debut Panel. Conference Presentation.

“Performing the Liminal Body: ‘Holograms’ on Stage”, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas. Boston, MA. 29 June 2014. Dramaturgy and New Media Panel. Conference Presentation.