Humanities Graduates are Successful in the Workforce and Beyond

February 2, 2018

A recent report on Humanities Graduates show that they are happy and successful in the workforce and beyond. The report, Humanities Graduates in the Workforce and Beyond of interestdraws largely on original research by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Humanities Indicators and it examines not only employment and earnings, but also graduates’ satisfaction with their work after graduation and their overal live in general. The data reveals that despite disparities in median earnings, humanities majors are quite similar to graduates from other fields with respect to their perceived well-being. 

Among the key findings:

  • Almost 87% of all workers with a bachelor’s degree in the humanities reported they were satisfied with their jobs in 2015, comparable to graduates from almost every other field.
  • Over three-quarters of humanities graduates saw themselves at or approaching “my best possible life,” which was similar to the shares among engineering and natural science graduates. Education majors were the most likely to see themselves in this way.
  • The fields were more similar with respect to majors’ perceptions of their personal financial situations in 2014 than differences in earnings might lead one to believe. Among graduates from engineering, whose median earnings were substantially higher than those of graduates from every other field, 51% reported “I have enough money to do everything I want.” Among humanities and education graduates, the share was 42%.
  • More than a million graduates with bachelor’s degrees in the humanities were employed as managers in 2015, and almost 60% of humanities graduates report managing or supervising employees as part of their job (which was equal to the percentage for all graduates). 

This report provides a useful perspective to as we consider the programs we offer and the lives of our students. Click here to read more of this report.