LGBTQI performer call for {my lingerie play}

May 19, 2017
LGBTQI PERFORMER CALL FOR {my lingerie play} 2017: Installation 5/10: Makey Outy
directed by Diana Oh
Diana Oh: Creator, Actor, Singer-Songwriter, Performance Artist, Theatremaker. A hybrid artist who has shared the stage, screen, and collaborated with most of her heroes like her immigrant mother and Gloria Steinem. A Refinery29's Top 14 LGBTQ Influencer, First Queer Korean-American interviewed on Korean Broadcast Radio, Creator of {my lingerie play}, Asian People are Not Magicians ( Inaugural Van Lier in Acting recipient, recipient of the Venturous Capital Grant. Wall Street Journal and Upworthy call her "bad-ass."
Diana Oh stages 10 brand new intersectional installations for 2017 for {my lingerie play}: ten underground performance installations staged in an effort to create a saner, safer, more respectful world for women and LGBTQI humans to live in. The street installations are produced by Michelle Stern (Taylor Mac's A 24 Decade History of American Popular Music). The project has been featured on Mic by Elizabeth PlankUpworthy, Bustle,, Marie Claire Netherlans amongst other publications and will culminate in its final installation and call to arms of artistic warfare at Rattlestick Theatre in September in co-production with Ma-Yi and generously supported by The Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation. 
Location: Lafayette Park in front of the White House, Washington D.C. 
This is a performer call LGBTQI-identified humans to partner up and make-out in front of the White House. You do not need to be an actual couple, but partner up with someone who you would be comfortable performing PDA with on top of your own soap box in front of the White House. Please try to email as a couple. If you'd like to submit as a single, that's fine to.  We will hug, hold hands, cuddle, and kiss on top of our soap boxes in Lafayette Park in front of the White House. Thruples welcome. Solely LBGTQI. People of Color are HIGHLY encouraged to submit. As well as performers who are differently-abled. This installation will be filmed and photographed. You will be prompted with your PDA actions. We are looking for 20-50 couples. Ask a co-worker, ask a friend, ask your crush--it's all under the umbrella of Art. COURAGE DEAR FRIENDS, COURAGE!
EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO: ( and with SUBJECT LINE: {my lingerie play} 2017: Installation 5/10: PERFORMER and provide the names, how you identify, and phone numbers of the members of the couple submitting.  YOU MUST RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM NATHANIEL TO CONFIRM PARTICIPATION. 
Video of Diana's Last Installation:

{my lingerie play}, 2017: Installation 3/10: EVEN IF YOU FOUND ME LIKE THIS (you still can't rape me) from Diana Oh on Vimeo.