Declare the Major

The Theatre undergraduate degree is not a limited enrollment program and thus any University of Maryland student may declare Theatre as a major or double major. An audition, review, or interview is not required. The Theatre major requires 55 credits of course work, with 28 of those credits at 300/400 level. This is a considerable amount of varied and complex work. Adding Theatre as a double or triple major should not be done without considerable thought as to the impact on your ability to graduate in a timely fashion. The Theatre major has mandatory advising every semester; advising blocks will not be lifted without the required advising session.

What do I need to know before becoming a Theatre major?

First, take a look at the Curriculum Requirements for the Theatre Major. Then, take a look at the web page for Academic Planning at the College of Arts and Humanities.

What's the first step to declaring Theatre as a major?

All students must create an Academic Plan integrating major requirements, General Education /CORE and ARHU requirements. Your Theatre Advisor will give you a packet of information to assist you with this task. Transfer students should ask their College Advisor if they fall under the Theatre Academic Plan for CORE or for General Education.

When can a Theatre Major be declared?

A Theatre Major or Double Major may be declared in any semester that you are registered at the University of Maryland. Freshmen must successfully complete their first semester at UM before adding a double major. Students, who are not currently registered and are candidates for re-enrollment, must contact the Registrar's Office to re-enroll before declaring Theatre as a Major. It is strongly suggested that students be in good academic standing when changing majors or adding a second major. Your Theatre advisor may suggest registering for a class on a trial basis before actually declaring the major.

Entry-level Theatre courses require the student to be a Major, so declaring in the time period before Pre-Registration begins is advisable. Waiting to declare after Pre-Registration is over will result in Theatre courses being full and waiting a semester to begin coursework. Meeting College benchmarks at 30-60-90 credits is mandatory; students who do not fulfill these requirements may be asked to select another major.

How do I schedule an Advising Session to declare Theatre as a Major?

  • Contact the Coordinator of Student Services, Susan Miller, by email at
  • An appointment must be made; declaring a major cannot be handled on a walk-in basis.
  • Review the web pages listed above, most importantly the curriculum requirements.
  • At the advising meeting, paperwork will be filled out and signed.

The final step in becoming a Theatre Major: you must turn the Academic Plan Degree Requirement Checklist Form in to a College of Arts and Humanities Advisor. Call 301.405.2108 to schedule an appointment.