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International Program for Creative Collaboration and Research (IPCCR)

The International Program for Creative Collaboration & Research (IPPCR) is:

  • A 10-year program funded by the Smith Family Foundation
  • Part of a $10 million gift for "Defining the Future of the Performing Arts"
  • A partner in the Global UMD initiative

The purpose of the IPCCR is to facilitate the wide range of existing collaborative activities within the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, to initiate new collaborations and to seek grant funding for the continued support of such projects. As scholar-artists, we treasure direct live human interaction and will be reinstituting our International Collaborations Initiative Grants under the direction of the IPCCR to facilitate such interactions. But we also recognize that in the 21st century, live interactions can be enhanced with long-term digital collaborations. To that end we are creating a World Outreach Classroom, a World Outreach Seminar Room and two World Outreach Studios over the next three years in order to research best practices for such collaborations in the performing arts.

- Lisa Nathans, director