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She Kills Monsters

After the sudden and tragic death of her younger sister Tilly, Agnes Evans discovers a mysterious online fantasy gaming notebook that offers clues into her sister’s life. This touching story draws on nerd culture and queer representation to explore themes of sisterhood, loss and acceptance.

A Doll House

Performed by an all-women cast, this production of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House questions the roles that society assigns to men and women. This fresh perspective on the classic play encourages audiences to question what has changed since 19th-century Europe through the interpretations of six women actors playing male and female characters.

Flyin' West

Set in 1898, Flyin’ West is the story of African American women pioneers who settled together in the all-black town of Nicodemus, Kansas. This work by Pearl Cleage explores themes of determination, racial pride, intermarriage and the power of love to highlight the female empowerment that she sees as vital to the African American community.

MFA Dance Thesis Concert

Black Madonna and Miss America by Ronya-Lee Anderson is an investigation of socio-political happenings in conversation with the positioning of the Black female icon in public and private spheres. Corpora Caelestia: A Movement Opera by Heidi McFall is a music and dance collaborative performance featuring a live organ, voice and movement by an ensemble of women.


Everyday racism can come on slyly—a  hasty glance or too-casual comment. Sometimes from a friend. Or a coworker. Other pointed or veiled aggressions play out in the classroom, on the street, on the national stage, in the media, at home—all the time. The cost of micro and macro aggression thrown against a white wall of racism is played out individually as Black Americans, and cannot be ignored.

Adapted from Claudia Rankine’s acclaimed book of poetry, this searingly provocative meditation on race in America is not a play. It’s fast-moving, fluid theater at the speed of thought.

Fall MFA Dance Thesis Concert

MFA Dance candidates present thesis concerts of original, compelling works.

dwelling by Stacey Carlson

This multidisciplinary work explores the myriad subtleties of dwelling. What implicit meaning does the word suggest? Internal versus external, shadow against light, our perspective versus what we perceive. Spaces near and far, up and down, seen and unseen. 

The choreography uniquely intertwines dance with puppetry, projections, aerial arts and other mysterious elements.

Hamlet by Christine Hands


In this multidisciplinary devised piece, spoken word, hip-hop, jazz, short plays and more fuse together in a search for answers to central questions of identity.


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