Cary Gillett participates in "Thousand Person Plan" in China

July 31, 2017

TDPS Production Manager Cary Gillett traveled to Beijing, China this July to broaden knowledge of theatre--stage management, in particular--to Chinese practitioners. Part of her visit included participation in a program called the "Thousand Person Plan," funded by the Ministry of Culture. At the Chinese Opera Academy, she gave a presentation which was based on the recent Presidential Scholars event which she stage managed at the Kennedy Center in June. She gave a detailed description of her responsibilities and her approach in order to demonstrate what young stage managers can expect.

I think young stage supervisors need to be confident, need to [have] a lot of stage knowledge, such as what the director is doing, the writer is [doing, and] what the designer is doing. Then the responsibility of the stage supervisor is to support these people to help the smooth completion of the work.

Read a transcript of the presentation and official report here. (Use your browser's translator for English!)