Corbin Bleu and Lisa Helmi Johanson visit TDPS

December 10, 2018


Last Wednesday, Corbin Bleu (of High School Musical fame!) and Lisa Helmi Johanson, who are currently starring in Arena Stage’s Anything Goes, visited Lisa Nathans’ acting class. Our students were beyond excited to meet these stars! They also had an opportunity earlier in the semester to visit the Anything Goes cast on set and see a preview of the show, providing a sneak peek into this reimagining of a classic musical theatre production.

On campus, Corbin and Lisa generously offered advice to our students about the importance of resilience, defining one’s own pathway for success, creating a work/life balance, and working towards inclusion and diversity in the arts. Our students said:

I got confirmation of who I want to be and that I am doing the right thing right now. Corbin and Lisa confirmed that right now is good enough. - Leilani Clendenin

Hearing them talk about their journey and their experiences helped me in seeing that there is a place of peace and trust that I will be able to reach again at some point. - Donna Escorpeso

Learning more about Lisa and Corbin’s background and their journey through the business was humanizing. Listening to their struggles with elevating themselves and feeling worthy enough inspired me because that’s what I personally go through just being a student learning the craft. I can’t wait to brag to my friends back home that I got to sit in the same room with Corbin Bleu and Lisa Johanson. - Kyle Starling


Thanks to Lisa Nathans for bringing these artists to our School to inspire them and give them a taste of what to expect in the professional world.