Helen Huang's work chosen for exhibit at the A. A. Bakhrushin Museum in Moscow, Russia

January 13, 2015

This exhibition will serve as a meeting point for artists from every continent, in creating an unprecedented opportunity for cross-cultural exchange of ideas. 

Head of Costume Design, Helen Huang, has been selected to present her work at the Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990-2015 international exhibition to be held at the A. A. Bakhrushin Museum in Moscow, Russia in June/ July 2015.

This is a great honor and recognition of Helen's costume design work on The Monkey King for The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, which garnered the respected 2005 IVEY award; and Measure for Pleasure, a bawdy comedy of manners by playwright David Grimm, for the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, D.C. To see Professor Huang's costume designs, click here.

The Curatorial Vision of the exhibition is "meant to review and share the variety of work in costume design from the period of 1990 to 2015. Our intent is to showcase the development of ideas, materials and technologies of costume design over the past twenty-five years from all over the world. Our expectation is to expand the horizons and inspire all the participants and attendees, as well as archive and preserve this historical material for future designers and the general public."

A.A.Bakhrushin State Central Museum keeps a unique collection of theatre relics of Russia. Here one may see the history of all kinds and genres of theatre art from the beginning to recent times. Almost 1,5 million exhibits are stored in the reserves of the Museum: they are archives of theatre personalities, portraits of eminent actors, singers, producers, dramatists, ballet-masters, dancers, composers, painters; costumes, personal belongings and properties; set designs and sketches made by great masters of scenery; posters and programmes, photographs of artists and performances, rare books devoted to theatre art, video and cinematographic documents, articles of the theatre daily life.