Leslie Felbain


Ecole Jacques Lecoq and Atelier Serge Martin - Paris, France 1978-1981; Alexander Training Institute Teacher Certification 1991; B.S. Dance and Anatomy 1975 University of Wisconsin; Kabuki & Noh Theatre AC Scott, Augusto Boal, Monika Pagneaux Workshops with Jerzy Grotowski's Polish Theatre Lab, Theatre du Soleil, Peter Brook, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Upledger Institute Certification 2000.

Rotis, Tortillas & Wonder Bread

Six professional storytellers from SpeakeasyDC (www.speakeasydc.com) tell true stories about their lives, revealing the challenges, rebellions, and celebrations of being part of particular groups that have been pegged in American society as “other” and misunderstood -- sometimes comically and sometimes tragically.  Stories are expertly crafted and combine humor, honesty, and insight to create an unforgettable night of riveting entertainment. 

TDPS presents "An Experiment" by playwright Jennifer Barclay

Playwright Jennifer Barclay of the UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies explores the topic of intrinsic bias in An Experiment, a short fictional comedy based on interviews with men and women across the country who are active faculty in the sciences.  While this play draws upon examples from the discipline of physics, its themes can be translated to other fields throughout the world of academia and beyond.  The play will debut on Wednesday, February 18 with a staged reading by UMD faculty and students.


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