Leslie Felbain


Ecole Jacques Lecoq and Atelier Serge Martin - Paris, France 1978-1981; Alexander Training Institute Teacher Certification 1991; B.S. Dance and Anatomy 1975 University of Wisconsin; Kabuki & Noh Theatre AC Scott, Augusto Boal, Monika Pagneaux Workshops with Jerzy Grotowski's Polish Theatre Lab, Theatre du Soleil, Peter Brook, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Upledger Institute Certification 2000.

Second Season: The Weeping Philosophers

My Life Has Been Like Water by Mark Costello a multimedia project using a live videoloop to explore time as an architectural object; something to be controlled, built, expanded and repeated. Part theater, part dance, part film, untitled homage to my twenties in new york city by Kelly Colburn explores the exhilaration, freedom, fear and regret of actively witnessing the death of your youth. 

Second Season: The Goldfish and B.W.A. (Black Woman's Anonymous)

In The Goldfish by Shuping Yang, follow the journey of a Chinese son as his scandalous cousin pays him a sudden visit before his wedding night. Witness the golden son’s dilemma unfold as he faces clashes between traditional Confucian values and Western notions of individuality. B.W.A. (Black Woman’s Anonymous) by Whitney Geohagan and April Monu explores what it means to be an African American woman in America, addressing the deep-seated issues these women face. 


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