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Dance majors have mandatory advising each semester.  In the first semester the undergraduate studies director meets with incoming freshmen to establish a four-year plan and with transfer students to review transfer credits and establish a plan to graduation.  At the end of the first year students are assigned an academic advisor who will be their advisor until their final semester.  Advisors meet with students each semester to approve their program, to identify students who are on track for the 4th semester assessment process and to help them navigate that process.  Advisors also work closely with upper level students to help them select an appropriate area of emphasis and to help them balance the project based learning requirement, their area of emphasis, and study abroad.

The 4th semester assessment gives the program a mid-course opportunity for learning outcomes assessment.   In preparation for the assessment, students prepare a portfolio, which includes a resume, samples of their writing, and a DVD with examples of their work in technique and choreography classes.  Each student then schedules a 40-minute time slot on the assessment day to meet with two faculty members.  The student is in charge of the first part of the meeting and uses that time to summarize the experiences of the first two years, addressing both successes and challenges.   Faculty members then ask questions and offer feedback.  Faculty members may also make suggestions about workshops, internships, and other ways for the student to pursue a career path that may be suggested by the presentation. 

Dance majors are expected to complete the assessment process during their fourth semester in the program.  All transfer students, as well as students who declare Dance after their first semester on campus, will be assigned an assessment date when they meet with their Dance advisor to develop an academic plan.  Students who do not complete the assessment process in their assigned semester will not be permitted to continue in the major.  Completion is defined as submission of a portfolio and participation in a scheduled assessment meeting.