PhD Dissertations in Progress

Dissertations in Progress

Jeeta Balasundram
Recapturing the Essence of Shakespeare’s Plays through Original Practices: A Case Study on The New Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia and the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia
Chair: Franklin J. Hildy, 2017

Elisabeth Fallica
Of Flesh and Feathers: A Study of Artistic Labor and the Politics of the Sensuous in New York Neo-Burlesque
Chair: Laurie Frederik, 2017

David Gregory
Transforming Traditions: Musical Theatre and Performance in Spain
Chair: Laurie Frederik, 2017

LaRonika Marie Thomas
Civic Dramaturgy: Cultural Space, Artistic Labor, and Performances of Urban Planning in 21st Century Chicago
Chair: James Harding, Chair, 2017


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