To schedule an advising appointment, read the information on this page and submit the on-line advising application.

Advising is mandatory for Theatre and Dance majors/double majors every semester.
The College of Arts and Humanities has a dual advising system; students are advised in their Department for their major requirements and by a College advisor for their general education requirements. Check Testudo to see if you have a College advising block. If so, your ARHU advisor must approve your schedule before you are cleared to register. Be sure to make both appointments well before your registration date. Do not expect that you will be accommodated at the last minute.

Students blocked for financial reasons must go to the Bursar's Office, Room 1135 Lee Building to obtain clearance.

Students blocked for immunization must go to the Campus Health Center to comply with requirements.

Advising/Registration Instructions:

  • Check your progress toward completing your DANC/THET requirements on Degree Navigator and the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • First semester students are required to complete an academic plan with TDPS before meeting with their ARHU advisor. They should plan their advising appointment in order to give enough time to meet with both parties before the registration date. Check the ARHU website for information about the academic plan.
  • Before your advising appointment list all theatre courses you would like to take, including supporting course work.
  • Check the online Schedule of Classes to verify that the classes you plan to take are being taught this semester and use VENUS to create an updated schedule based on courses that still have seats available.
  • Schedule an advising appointment by clicking on your advisor's name at the bottom of this page and then completing and submitting the web form. We ask you to give us 2-3 days to respond to your message. Choose an advising date early enough to complete all your advising appointments (major, double major, College) well in advance of your registration date. It is strongly recommended that you not wait until the last minute to schedule your advising appointment!
  • When you meet with your advisor, your advising block will be removed and you will be given stamps for courses requiring permission.
  • Once you have met with your advisor, you must then register for your classes. You may do this on Testudo or in person at 1130 Mitchell Building on or after your registration appointment date and time.

Who is my advisor?

All Dance and Theatre students, your advisor is Susan Miller. Email her at to set up an appointment.