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Minor in Arts Leadership

The minor in arts leadership provides students with the opportunity to acquire the practical and strategic skills to become leaders in the arts, whether as artists, entrepreneurs in the business of the arts or cultural leaders in government and non-governmental agencies. The principal emphasis will be on arts leadership in not-for-profit environments.

Although primarily intended for students majoring in the College of Arts and Humanities, the minor in arts leadership is designed to meet the needs of any student at the University of Maryland with an interest in arts entrepreneurship, arts administration and arts activism.

Students minoring in arts leadership will learn:

  • critical, interdisciplinary and holistic thinking methods necessary to meet the challenges faced by artists, educators, entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations in national and international artistic settings;
  • the fundamentals of cultural policy, stewardship, heritage, programming and curation as well as the legal aspects of arts leadership, including copyright;
  • practical skills such as grant writing, marketing and fundraising;
  • an appreciation for the importance of diversity in the arts as well as an understanding of the service role that the performing and visual arts play in the ecology of small communities to transnational institutions.


  • ARHU240 - “Cultural Institutions in the United States" (3 credits)
  • ENGL398A - "Writing for the Arts" or ENGL 398N - "Writing for Non-Profit Organizations" (3 credits) 
  • ARHU440 - "Arts Leadership Seminar" (3 credits) 

Choose 2 from the following courses (6 credits):

  • ARHU340 - “Financial Entrepreneurship for the Arts Leader" (3 credits)
  • BMGT355 - "Foundation of Marketing for Non-Business Majors" (3 credits) 
  • ARHU386 - “Experiential Learning (ARHU386A or approved equivalent professional internship) ” (3 credits)

Students are also encouraged to take classes in DANC, THET, MUSC, ART, ARTH and ENGL.

To enroll in the minor in arts leadership, go to:

Minor advisor: Susan Miller,