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The School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies advances and transforms the research and practice of theatre, dance, and performance studies through a commitment to inclusive excellence and educational innovation in the performing arts.

The School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (TDPS) at the University of Maryland (UMD) offers undergraduate and graduate programs that rank among the top in the country. TDPS provides a rich performing arts learning environment, noted for its excellent preparation of students for the professional world that they will encounter. As an academic unit within the College of Arts & Humanities, we provide a comprehensive liberal arts education that takes advantage of the outstanding resources of a public research university. TDPS encourages the development of inclusive and diverse cultural perspectives. Students develop fundamental life skills—such as artistic leadership, cultural intelligence, intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, problem solving and embodied learning—that are actively applied to real world challenges. With these skills, alumni are mentored into a variety of career pathways both within and outside of theater and dance professions, working as arts managers, choreographers, directors, performers, designers, lawyers, business entrepreneurs, professors, published authors, teachers and producers. The school serves locally and nationally as a model for collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The educational offerings in TDPS are administered by 16 tenured or tenure-track faculty; numerous adjunct faculty, international guest artists, visiting scholars; 6 administrative staff; and 56 graduate associates. We currently serve about 150 undergraduates in the B.A. Theatre program, about 60 undergraduates in the B.A. Dance program, 27 graduate students in the M.F.A. Design program, 9 graduate students in the M.F.A. Dance program, and 21 graduate students in the M.A./Ph.D. Theatre and Performance Studies program. Visiting artists and scholars regularly enhance these programs and provide additional perspectives that enhance the student experience.

The laboratory of our professional-level Main Stage and Experimental Performance Series productions focus on developing the full human artistic experience and making a social impact. We cultivate faculty and student collaboration, discovery, creation and performance of exciting new artistic work and scholarly research. We are home to the Maya Brin Institute for New Performance, which advances our role as innovators in design and performance, and prepares graduates to launch careers in emerging media formats, such as webcasts, immersive design technology and virtual reality performance. TDPS also hosts the International Program for Creative Collaboration & Research (IPCCR), providing global classrooms for students and faculty to engage in artistic and academic collaborations across the world.