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Mission Statement

We provide an inclusive educational ecosystem designed to advance, transform and innovate the research and practice of the performing arts.

Our Vision

We envision a school that serves as a national model for innovation, collaboration and social entrepreneurship in the performing arts.

Our Environment

  • Reveals theater and dance as powerful, integrating and collaborative art forms via scholarship, research and the art and skill of performance;
  • Fosters the development of fundamental life skills: intellectual curiosity, cultural intelligence, creative thinking, problem solving, emotional intelligence and empathy;
  • Builds on the human experience, thought, expression and creativity to advance human welfare;
  • Encourages individuals from different cultural paradigms to work together towards common goals;
  • Allows faculty members to cultivate imagination and transformation in their scholarly and artistic laboratories;
  • Requires the scholar/artist to access their expressive potential by tapping into their intelligence, emotion, impulse, experience and imagination;
  • Demands discipline and dedication, which reward us by revealing not only who we are, but also what we might become.