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TDPS Faculty and Alums Win 2024 Helen Hayes Awards

May 24, 2024 School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies | College of Arts and Humanities

My Mama and the Full-Scale Invasion

Professor Misha Kachman and alums Frank Labovitz, Alberto Segarra, Kelly Colburn and Dylan Uremovich were recognized for their achievements in DMV theater.

By ARHU staff

A TDPS faculty member and four alums are among the winners of 2024 Helen Hayes Awards, which celebrate phenomenal work in the theater community of D.C., Maryland and Virginia. 

Professor of Dance/Theatre Design and Production Misha Kachman, Frank Labovitz M.F.A. ’10, Alberto Segarra M.F.A. ’15, Kelly Colburn M.F.A. ’18 and Dylan Uremovich M.F.A. ’16 received their awards at a ceremony on Monday night at The Anthem in Washington, D.C. The event was co-hosted by actor and singer Felicia Curry ’00. 

Kachman, who is the head of UMD’s MFA in design program, was awarded “Outstanding Set Design, Hayes” for Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company’s “My Mama and the Full-Scale Invasion.”

Labovitz was recognized for “Outstanding Costume Design, Helen” for Constellation Theatre Company’s production of “The School for Lies.” 

Segarra won “Outstanding Lighting Design, Helen” for Solas Nua’s “The Honey Trap.” 

Colburn and Uremovish received “Outstanding Media/Projection Design, Helen” for their work on “Look Both Ways” by The Kennedy Center and Theater Alliance. (“Look Both Ways” is based on the book by UMD English alum and bestselling author Jason Reynolds ’05.)

A total of 22 TDPS faculty, guest artists, and alums were nominated for the prestigious award. We are very proud of the TDPS community and their recognition of excellence for work on multiple productions in D.C., Maryland and Virginia! 

View the full list of award winners.


Image of “My Mama and the Full-Scale Invasion,” courtesy of Misha Kachman.