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Social media and press guidelines

Guidelines for social media and press relations for the University of Maryland School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies.


  • Avoid duplicate event pages on social media.
  • Check with TDPS Marketing before creating a TDPS-related event.
  • The event page may already exist on TDPS or The Clarice websites and/or social media.


  • Give proper credit to the director/choreographer, cast, designers and photographer.
  • Tag people when possible.
  • Ask permission of people before posting photographs or videos of them on social media.
  • Tags and hashtags
  • For general posts, use the hashtag #UMD_TDPS. For specific productions, use that production's designated hashtag.
  • Tag TDPS and Clarice social media accounts: @theatredancemaryland (TDPS Facebook), @UMD_TDPS (Twitter/Instagram), @TheClariceUMD (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)


  • Be creative. Post rehearsal photos and videos (with permission). Post related articles and news to encourage pre-show conversations.
  • Portray a positive image. Be honest, respectful and open-minded.
  • Check for accuracy. Double-check names, dates, locations and other details.
  • Check for typos. Double-check grammar and punctuation.

Press guidelines

Interviewing - Faculty/Staff

When you are interviewed about academic or professional work, try to:

  • Mention the UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies when possible,
  • Mention how your professional work, academic work and/or research are interrelated.

Tell TDPS Marketing if you are approached by press media about a TDPS production or a research project. We will help you prepare talking points ahead of the interview.

Send any links to articles, videos or images from interviews or press coverage to TDPS Marketing so that we can share on TDPS social media channels and in the newsletter.

Interviewing - Students

Tell TDPS Marketing before you are interviewed by on- or off-campus press or media about a TDPS production or academic work. We will help you prepare talking points ahead of the interview.

Promoting - Faculty/Staff/Students

Tell TDPS Marketing about:

  • Any awards, honors, grants or fellowships you receive. We will help you share your good news!
  • Any upcoming presentations, lectures, publications or public events. We will help you promote!
  • Any recent research projects, professional work or community engagement.

Don't be shy! The more we know about your work, the more effectively we can feature and highlight your work in on- and off-campus publications.
Have an idea for a feature story about your work, a colleague's work or a student's work? We want to know!